The latest achievements of 3DM and its disruptive SLS solutions

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The increasing use of 3DM in the additive manufacturing industry is well justified. The Young Israeli was founded in 2016 and developed a new laser powder bed melting technology to open up new material possibilities and make the technology easier to obtain. We delved into the company and its new solutions a few months ago. Now, let’s look at the new features of 3DM as it is steadily advancing the official release of its first hardware solution. Ido Eylon, CEO of 3DM, has provided us with exclusive news.

(SLS printer powder)

3DM quantum cascade laser

3DM stands out in the competition in the SLS field with its quantum cascade laser (QCL). QCL was developed by Daniel Majer, the founder of 3DM and an expert in laser and semiconductor electro-optic technology. It is a semiconductor laser with a high-energy beam that can be tuned for specific wavelengths in the mid-infrared spectrum. This means that 3D printing lasers can be programmed to match the specific melting characteristics of almost any thermoplastic material, opening up enormous potential for printing new powdered plastic materials. The laser also has precise melting accuracy and intensity, which helps the material molecules bind together, resulting in parts with enhanced mechanical and isotropic properties.

The method of developing lasers that match the energy absorption characteristics of specific thermoplastic materials is different from most existing SLS technologies. These technologies often rely on lasers with lower efficiency, which can only process a small portion of materials and materials containing additives to improve energy absorption. This additional development and work may decrease the cost of SLS technology and consumables and limit the feasible range of thermoplastic materials. QCL technology overcomes these obstacles using lasers to melt specific materials most effectively. The QCL technology of 3DM has been successfully used to print all types of SLS materials, including PA, PP, and TPU, and theoretically can be used with any powdered thermoplastic material.

3DM’s upcoming content

The company was preparing to produce two industrial-grade 3D printers: a compact professional system with a single laser module and a large machine with a four-laser configuration. At the same time, the latter is specifically designed for high-throughput industrial applications. Ultimately, what companies are most interested in is industrial mass production.

The company has also expanded its agreements with strategic manufacturing partners to produce single-beam head machines. 3DM will receive its first prototype system through this latest agreement in early 2024. Since then, Eylon added: We expect to launch our products early next year, and due to strong market interest, we have begun accepting bookings from selected potential customers to ensure their position in the queue. In the future, 3DM also plans to launch auxiliary products to supplement its laser powder bed melting system, including automation and post-processing equipment and materials. SLS printer powder, also known as selective laser sintering printing material powder, has high strength, precision, and complexity characteristics. SLS printer powder is used in prototype manufacturing, mold manufacturing, precision parts manufacturing, and other fields. Overall, SLS printer powder is an efficient, high-precision, and highly complex manufacturing material with broad application prospects.

The application of SLS printer powder

Prototype manufacturing: SLS technology can quickly produce complex prototypes for size testing, appearance testing, assembly testing, and functional testing. This technology can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce costs.

(SLS printer powder)

SLS printer powder can manufacture complex molds to produce the final product. For example, in the automotive industry, SLS technology can print steering wheels, instrument panels, air conditioning systems, and other components for assembly testing and R&D verification. Customized bumpers, side mirrors, and other components can be printed and directly installed for vehicle use.

(SLS printer powder)


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